Yoruba Lawyers Disavow Purported EBF Adoption

Our attention has been drawn to the purported adoption made by Mr. Ranti Ajeleti in the name of Yoruba Lawyers at the just concluded EBF meeting held at Port-Harcourt.

We as concerned bona fide Lawyers of the Yoruba extraction felt slighted ,betrayed and insulted by the conduct of Mr. Ranti Ajeleti who claimed to be representing EGBE that has not held any meeting in the last three years. The Egbe has technically ceased to exit upon the demise of our revered leader, Chief Bandele Aiku SAN, (may God grant his soul)and the fallout of the adoption brouhaha preceding the 2014 NBA national election in which three highly respected and well qualified candidates of our extraction contested after the issue of adopting a single Candidate for the office of the President of NBA could not be achieved after several meetings of Egbe Amofin and Elders of Yoruba .

Consequently,,all the candidates were allowed to go into the race and the rest is now history.


A Second group of Yoruba Lawyers that emerged was the Southwest Lawyers Forum which is made up of progressive minded lawyers of Yoruba origin.

The fractitious situation of an uncoordinated Egbe remained until the demise of our most revered leader Chief Bandele Aiku SAN ,and regrettably culminated in Egbe’ s inability to call a meeting to even disscuss Chief Aiku ‘s final burial rites.

The Southwest Lawyers has held several meetings to give Lawyers of Yoruba extraction a common platform. . Mr. Ranti Ajeleti was at Port-Harcourt on the bill of his sponsor(s). We learnt reliably that flight ticket with accommodation and logging inclusive was provided for him to ensure his presence at Port Harcourt

Undoubtedly ,the action of Mr. Ranti Ajeleti is dictated by self interest and driven by his paymaster and therefore, could not represent the decision of the Egbe Amofin. His purported ratification did not enjoy the imprimatur of any of our revered leaders. Chief Wole Olanipekun SAN was the deputy to Chief Bandele Aiku SAN. Naturally, he is the next in rank but was not contacted nor consulted by Mr. Ranti Ajeleti. Chief Gboyega Awomolo SAN, Chief Femi Falana SAN, the only Governor among in Egbe , Governor of Ondo State, Arakunrin Oluwarotimi Akeredolu SAN, Prince Lateef Fagbemi SAN, Mrs Funke Adekoya, SAN, Asiwaju Niyi Akintola, SAN and Chief Emmanuel Abiodun, were not consulted before Mr Ranti Ajeleti’ s political misadventure to Porharcourt.

Let’s check the precedent of adoption by Egbe in order to properly situate the propriety or otherwise of Mr. Ranti Ajeleti’s insult on Yoruba Lawyers..
It was never the tradition of Egbe Amofin that Yoruba Lawyers will ratify candidates of other fora in foreign land .

The tradition is that whatever the decision of any regional group within NBA like EBF such decision will be communicated to Egbe in writing and shall be discussed at a general meeting or the meeting of Elders before a decision is taken..

The Yoruba Lawyers did not adopt any Candidate at the last election because the procedure/conditions for such exercise were not met by the Arewa Lawyers Forum whose turn it was to produce the President.

The adoption ratified by Mr. Ranti Ajeleti was done in his personal capacity and lack the support of Yoruba Lawyers . The action of Mr Ranti Ajeleti is a denegration of the ideal of Omoluabi (virtuous person) which is the hallmark of the Yoruba race and therefore stand rejected.


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