Paul Usoro SAN, The Detribalized Lawyer – By Kehinde Buraimoh Esq.

Paul Usoro SAN is a detribalized person. Almost all major tribes were represented in his firm. We all came in on meet . He care less which tribe you came from.
Paul empowers his lawyers. He allows us free access to clients without any restriction whatsoever. We are taught how to prepare fee notes for our services and also we have opportunity to follow up on collection. A lawyer has unhindered access to clients.
He mentored us through regular brainstorming meeting sessions where we learn from him
He took us for meetings and give opportunity to contribute. He afterwards seeks our opinion on the issues discussed. This give us a sense of belonging.

Paul Usoro, SAN

I remember he flew in from Abuja to attend my wedding in Lagos. Supported me financially and was very prominent at the occasion. It’s one gesture I can never forget
He is very particular about the standard of legal practice and always insist on our being ethical in all we do.
Paul is excellence personified. He think excellently, write excellently and speaks excellently. His appearance is excellent. He abhors mediocrity. I worked with Paul from 2000-2003. From there, I set up my own Chambers.
*Kehinde Buraimoh* Esq.
KB& Company 7th Floor Mandilas House 35 Simpson Street. Lagos Island.

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