Paul Usoro A Legacy of Mentorship: Motivation for Young Lawyers

Young lawyers can be often found bemoaning a dearth of proper guidance and mentorship in the learned profession. Consequently, it’s not uncommon to see quite a substantial number of talented youngsters give up their dreams of practising.


You see, the challenge is not desired. There is a swelling throng of these raw talents wishing for more but in the absence of firm but benevolent hands to help with some form of sound counsel, other options are considered then adopted.



Paul Usoro, SAN


Tragically young lawyers look to the horizon for some form of hope only to get rebuffed. The daunting nature of affairs triggers disillusionment and in due course, some begin to like the profession as a wasteland to scavenge. This is where older luminaries ought to step in but alas, far too few of them harbour such progressive interests.

In this regard, Paul Usoro remains a leading light. His conduct here is not scorching. They are not feeble attempts on the precipice of death like cold embers either. They are the simple but compelling glow of his passion to provide proper guidance for the untested, the diamonds in the rough.



Paul Usoro with some Young Lawyers of the Legaid Aid Group, Abuja


The significance of proper mentorship as a young lawyer is not lost on a man like Mr Usoro.  He has often gone on record to express how dear the development of his younger learned colleagues is to his heart. His reputation as a man drawn to people is actually rivalled by his gravitation towards sharing his wealth of experience and knowledge with younger colleagues.

What are the facts that prove this about the esteemed Senior Advocate of Nigeria? Is there some tangible strand of evidence to prove that his legacy to the youth is not an urban legend? Unsurprisingly, you do not need to look too far to find proof.

At his firm, Paul Usoro and Company, PUC, it’s company policy to ensure that the remuneration of young lawyers on the payroll begins with a six-figure salary in addition to other benefits. The idea is not to use money as a sole incentive but to ensure that employees get the right start in the profession.

Furthermore, at least half of the other partners at PUC are products of the mentorship blueprint woven into Paul Usoro’s DNA. Mrs Adetola Bucknor Taiwo, who is a Transaction Partner rose from an entry-level position post call and progressed rapidly to her position today in the firm in roughly half a decade. Mr Muniru Liadi, the firm’s Litigation Partner is also a huge success story as he began at the firm just after completing his National Youth Service scheme and is a partner today.

Both instances illustrate the commitment to ensuring that the careers of young lawyers progress meaningfully.


He is currently on the Faculty of the Nigerian Institute of Advanced Legal Studies underlining his passion for younger lawyers. Paul Usoro also focuses on young lawyers with so much gusto it’s not difficult to come across him doling out advice any time he can. Much more formally he has written quite a number of papers and scholarly texts. These papers undoubtedly leave a trail of invaluable knowledge leading all the way to the dizzying heights of the profession.


Ultimately, the best legacies are there for all to see, with empirical evidence to naysay any detractors. In Paul Usoro’s case, it’s quite overwhelming, especially for the young lawyer at the start of a potentially long career, seeking motivation and meaningful guidance.

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