“Personally, I do not support the adoption of candidates for NBA Offices by ethnic /regional fora. Adoption says that the forum prefers one its members over another. Now that ‘rotation ‘of candidature amongst the various geo-political zones have been put in the NBA Constitution, adoption has become unnecessary.

Mrs. Funke Adekoya SAN

A zone should allow all its candidates to contest and give us the freedom of choice. It will seriously damage the influence and credibility of a zonal group, where the candidate that it has endorsed does not win the election, this has happened before, and is sure to happen more frequently, as we have abandoned the corruption-prone delegates system, and returned to the universal suffrage voting system.
My regional forum cannot dictate to me who I should vote for, and what sanction can they impose on me if I do not support or vote for their ‘adopted’ candidate? I do not even like the idea of an ethnic /regional fora for Lawyers, as it is very divisive in a country in which we are still trying to mold a national identity.
Within the profession, it encourages us to first have our allegiance to an ethnic agenda, meaning we will never consider ourselves to be Nigerians first, and members of an ethnic group second. “- Mrs. Funke Adekoya SAN.

Culled from her interview with THISDAY Newspaper with the heading “SAN Rank Is Not Woman-Friendly.” published on 3/4/2018.

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