NBA Elections: Usoro Calls for Better Relationships, Implores Lawyers to Look Past Polls

Beyond the NBA Race, let us build a lasting Relationship…” This was the central theme of the Goodwill message Paul Usoro, SAN, gave this past weekend at the Egbe Amofin Odua meeting held at Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile Ife.


Stressing the need for members present to look past whatever factors may have caused a rift in the bloc before, Usoro urged them to endeavor to foster a spirit of unity and collective welfare.

The Egbe Amofin is a group made up of legal professionals of Yoruba extraction. In recent times, this group has been bedeviled by internal conflicts which have undermined the bloc’s ability to champion issues relevant to lawyers in the Western zone of the nation.


Consequently, the group nosedived into chaos not long after the passing away of its patriarch, the legal luminary, Chief Idowu Sofoola, SAN.

This meeting, however, heralded a return of the body after a few years of being in such an absurd downward spiral. There were at least 100 Bar Leaders as well as NBA Chairmen from the North, West, and Eastern zones present.

Usoro went on to emphasize his desire for the actualization of an all-inclusive bar that would spawn lasting relationships and build bridges across the NBA, long past the upcoming elections. He stated his confidence that this would do away with the chasm of indifference that currently seems to exist amidst lawyers of all cadres. He said this same apathy had permeated through the Bar and explained how an all-inclusive approach would prioritize the relationships amongst lawyers while boosting the enhancement of lawyer welfare in the country.

He recalled with nostalgia how in his school days at the Obafemi Awolowo University, he got the chance to make friends and gain insight into the workings of the Yoruba culture. He then stated that most of his long-lasting relationships preceded his admittance into the bar and his ascension into the rank of Silk. As proof of the substance of his message, his entourage was comprised of people from a wide range of backgrounds. Some of the people were:

Mallam Hussain Sani Garun-Gabbas, SAN

(Hon. Attorney General and Commissioner of Justice, Jigawa State),

Alhaji Tajudeen Oladoja (Life Bencher),

Francis Ekwere ( Immediate Past 1st Vice President of NBA),

Mallam Ibrahim Aliyu (Immediate Past 2nd Vice President of NBA), and

Mr. Bukar Waziri (Immediate Past Publicity Secretary of NBA).


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