In an era when unfortunately, most young lawyers have been turned to near clerical staff, filing processes or weapons of warfare against men of the Police Force who would not grant bails to their clients, I know of a man, who with all sincerity treats his lawyers with so much dignity and nobility, and this man is no other than, Paul Usoro, SAN a practice he did not just start but has an antecedent for.

The perspicacious, erudite and astute litigator has over years invested so much in the welfare and well being of his lawyers, particularly young lawyers around him. It is on record that in his firm staffing over forty five lawyers in active practice, a fresh, lawyer who has just been called to the Bar goes home with N150,000.00 aside the annual practice fees the office pays for lawyers and lots more, compared to the norms of N5,000 and N10,000.00 etc. His welfare package for young lawyers is not just limited to pecuniary benefits. Mr. Paul Usoro, SAN engages also in mentorship programmes for young lawyers who intend to build their practice like his. He has over time, extended his magnanimity to other young lawyers who are neither his staff or even in his jurisdiction by inviting them to appear in court with him and taking time to discuss issues which arose and asking what each lawyer gathered from the court session.

I admire Paul Usoro so much. With a ceaseless staccato, I am more than convinced that if given an opportunity, this visionary man with impeccable integrity can evidently improve the welfare of lawyers especially the young lawyers ranging from welfare, mentorship and necessary exposures.

#Putting You First.

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