Just in: Vibrant Paul Usoro live at the 2018 Eket Bar week.

Earlier on in the day, the learned Silk held an interactive session with young lawyers in Uyo, where he entertained a myriad of questions on his thoughts and designs towards the advancement of the Nigerian Bar and by extension the future of the young Lawyer.

The session was well attended by passionate youthfuly exhuberant Lawyers. Issues, concerns & ideas were discussed with those present; the learned silk made it a point to encourage the young lawyers to not give up their dreams in the face of desperation, but look towards breaking new grounds in the legal landscape as there was enough for all to gain from, even in the seeming face of the present legal ecosystem.

Thereafter, Paul Usoro met with the NBA Eket Branch Team after the friendly football match with their opponents, the Federal Road Safety team.

The learned silk is expected to attend the 2018 Eket Bar dinner, where he is scheduled to deliver a speech at the dinner. The dinner will also be graced with the presence of the Hon. Ita Mbaba, the Justice of the Court of Appeal, Owerri division.

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