The Quest for Inclusiveness in Bar Politics, Paul Usoro SAN, speaks to law officers…

The administration of the bar politics in Nigeria can be viewed from the stand point of a glass that is half full, thus meaning that there is room for improvement in all its facets. The Law Officers are an intrinsic group of lawyers within the legal practice who man the ministries of Justice across the nation. One could say that they are the standing guild of lawyers which almost every lawyer comes into contact with and spar in the open temple of Justice.

Sadly though, they have not been given the chance to display this dexterity within the upper echelon of bar politics. They have long cried out about marginalization and segregation within the bar. They have long held the opinion that if they are capable of being included at the branch level where they contribute to the grassroots, they should be given equal prominence in the greater scheme of things.

Speaking to the issue, the learned Silk, Paul Usoro, SAN stated that he firmly believes in an inclusive Bar and he sees no reason why Law officers should be excluded from National offices and committees. He further stated that he most definitely would support such an inclusive move and would indeed champion, particularly given the wide-ranging institutional reforms which he believes are necessary and required to be effected in the NBA. The only way to succeed in carrying out such reforms is to ensure that all interests groups are fully involved and consulted and LOAN is one such critical stakeholder group.’

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