A campaign of calumny,falsehood and mudslinging is usually a sign of weakness and the more reason to be wary of such campaigners and their interests. It is an immutable truth that Paul Usoro,SAN has no case to answer before any tribunal or Court of law.The people who continue pushing such slander are people rooted in dirty politics that belongs to the dark past and shall never be rewarded in the noble profession. No person is guilty of any offence unless so declared by the court of law. Every law student in the university knows that principle. Serious lawyers defend their clients on the basis of that principle. When for political profit we find people turn such time honoured principle on its head,it speaks volumes about integrity of such persons.

Dirty politics can never be a purveyor of innovative solutions.It is an old trick usually employed to distract attention from issue based debates. Name calling and false conclusions regarding respected lawyers and their NBA branches is not inclusion, it is the divide and rule tactic. A time comes in the affairs of men that business as usual is no longer tenable. It is sad for anyone to claim a mandate from a highly contentious,undemocratic and ultimately doomed plot to impose a candidate on scores of Branches that make up the Eastern Bar forum. That attempt was loudly rejected right from that meeting hall. This is the reason such false mandate has failed to gain traction or the respect of a vast number of elders of the Bar who see the futility in the fear of healthy competition and debate in a regional bar so that the entire national bar can exercise the choice of electing the best person to lead NBA.

If justice alone was the consideration, the Akwa Ibom/Cross River States axis of Eastern Bar Forum is about the only axis that has never, as in never produced a President of NBA.Some other axis have produced twice or more. If competence and profile in leadership quality are the only considerations the Paul Usoro SAN stands head and shoulder above all in the field. His life journeys and life choices speak unity. He is from South South.He schooled in the West.He started his career in the North and is established now in the West.His law office is like a microcosm of Nigeria, with people from all parts. His fine treatment of young lawyers has been the trending talk long before national politics. His ideas which are specific to issues and ready to roll are original,honest and dignified. He is a decent man,with amazing personal values.

He is focused on issues and family feeling in the Bar. He does not encourage or engage in slander or divide and rule politics or deliberate falsehood and does not seek to profit by such antics. Paul Usoro,SAN is the leader we can all be proud of, today and always.


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