Olufunmilayo Babalola

Going by definition, “a pacesetter is one who is most successful and serves as a model to be imitated” and as another quote goes
“The leader who listens is the one society needs most. They don’t force their commands on people. They pay attention to their demands and set the pace for the change that society truly needs.”

I liken the person and character of Mr. Paul Usoro (SAN) to this quote and definition of a pacesetter, for he has proven himself beyond reasonable doubt to be a leader in his field. He is not a man that forces or commands to be respected, his achievements over the years have brought him “Natural Honour” and earned him the respect of his peers, and the respect of aspiring young lawyers who seek to break barriers the way Mr. Paul Usoro has done over 30 years.

Describing Mr. Paul Usoro as a “pacesetter’’ is just one key attribute from many to look at. There are a lot of great inspiring words to describe his person, taking from his life’s work, but for now, I will only elaborate on Mr. Paul Usoro as “the Pacesetter’’.
Truly, in Mr. Usoro’s world through hard work, dedication, consistency, humility and team work, he has set a pace that others will challenge themselves to achieve or surpass.He has not just proven himself a pacesetter but also a true leader who has set the road map for others to follow.

Mr. Usoro has evidently crossed all barriers to achieve the unachievable, he has raised the bar so high that those that he has inspired in his field continue to draw inspiration from his everyday life. I can’t help but ask the question “How does he do it?” This is a question I believe, a lot of his colleagues, with whom he started off years ago, always ask themselves.
Even with his accolade-filled life and his continuous pursuit for more skills and academic advancement, Mr. Usoro still dedicates himself to the growth and furtherance of the Nigeria Bar association (NBA). Not only is he a prestigious Barman, he is also an active committee member of its various Sections. He is also a member of the International Bar Association and attends to all these activities and attends to his clients’ briefs with dedication, whilst sitting on the boards of several multinational organizations. In all of this, he still finds time to mentor the young lawyers who are inspired by him. Who then, can argue that Mr. Usoro, SAN is not a Pacesetter?

I salute you Mr. Paul Usoro (SAN) the “Pacesetter.”. Men like you can never be forgotten in history even generations after they pass on. For such men (and women), their legacies will surely live on. For a man like Mr. Usoro, not only has he made his mark in the Legal sphere, he has set the pace, and the greater part is that he keeps going.

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