Paul Usoro, SAN: A Bar Man and His Immense Contributions to the Bar

President Bill Clinton, wrote a book simply entitled: Giving. The book underscores the importance of giving, especially without expecting anything in return. Giving comes in many forms: money, time, attention, energy, and even intellect. Nowhere is giving very important as in an Association like the NBA. Many lawyers who are claiming to be Bar men always point to their contributions to the Bar – Committee membership or chairmanship even if they were inactive. Even if the Committee did not make any impact.

But contesting elections in NBA or becoming a member of an NBA Committee to build your NBA profile for future election is not the only qualification to regarded as a Bar man. A Bar man does not need to give his time to serve on a Committee.

A Bar man could give his time, intellect, energy and money. Many give only one form of these gifts to the Bar. But not Paul Usoro, SAN. Paul Usoro SAN had given it all to the Bar long before expressing interest to serve the Bar as President when the ban is lifted.

He has given his time, money, energy, and intellect to the benefit of the Bar. Paul Usoro SAN doesn’t make noise but people are demanding to know what he has done for the bar, hence it becomes expedient to now have to reveal information on PU’s financial contributions to the Bar.

PU’s generosity is well known with an enviable track record save he won’t engage in pay for votes or likes on social media.

Readily available and verifiable records show financial contributions/expenses for NBA, SBL and Lagos (own) Branch from 2010 – 2017 = N19, 731,602

Lawyers Table Tennis Open 2009 – 2017 = N16, 120,012

Note this has not captured all the donations because some were cash transactions plus insufficient time given to the account department of PUC to produce the report.

PU puts his money where his mouth is. He walks the talk and not just mouthing bar man credentials. The Bar requires generosity of members to execute its programmes. Aspirants who lay claim to generosity should confirm if they’ve made financial sacrifices close to what PU has done for the Bar in the midst of other competing interests which are totally altruistic and not propelled by Bar politics bearing in mind, PU’s interest in the NBA Presidency started only after the 2017 AGC.

Note that we’ve discountenanced donations in 2018 because it’s an election year. We’ve also not mentioned donations to other bars outside the aspirant’s bar.

Regarding sponsoring of candidates for local bar elections, PU as a matter of principle has never interfered or given financial sponsorship for candidates in local bar elections because branch members should be free to choose their leaders without outside interference.

These contributions of PU to the Bar over the years long before he thought of holding any elective position in NBA shows that PU is a committed Bar man. If the above-mentioned financial contributions of Paul Usoro to the Bar are not enough to define him as a Bar man, then I do not know what other gestures that can be used to describe one as a Bar man.

So, let’s be objective, who has the best track record of generosity and support to the bar?


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