Middle Belt Lawyers’ Forum Rejects Call to adopt NBA Presidential Candidate.

The meeting of the Middle Belt Lawyers Forum held at the law firm of J. B. Daudu and was presided over by E. A. Haruna, with Agada Elachi as Secretary of the Forum.

The Forum considered a written representation sent by both the Eastern Bar and Midwest Lawyers’ Fora, requesting for the adoption of a particular presidential candidate – Arthur Obi Okafor.

A motion for Okafor to be adopted was raised by NEC Representative, Pius T Iorzua, of the Gboko Branch. It was duly seconded subsequently. A counter motion was however moved against Obi being adopted by NEC Representative from Jos, L. D. Dafer.

In agreement with the original idea to adopt Okafor, J.S. Okutepa, SAN, made a few comments but had to defer to superior arguments articulating why Obi was far from ideal. This led to the abysmal failure of the move to present Okafor as the candidate to adopt.

The meeting ultimately wound down with a general agreement that the position of the NBA President should be one based on merit and not a flukey choice of adoption.

This position, was then reinforced with the Forum agreeing that in the age of universal adult suffrage, the NBA election ought to aspire to be similarly pragmatic.

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