E. B. Ukiri Esq condemns Adoption in the NBA

The PU statement was well-thought-out! I faced similar intimidation and thuggery in 2012 and eventually lost my younger brother on eve of the NBA manifesto night, when I contested the position of NBA President against the dictates of those who believed they were the NBA CABALS.

Despite my spirited attempts to field an issue based campaign in the prevalent delegate system in practice then. What followed after the elections? I was alloted just two(2) votes!

The shameless thuggery and intimidation are growing with the play on words called ADOPTION.

My position has remained that if any position is zoned to any REGION, let anyone from that Zone who is interested and qualified be allowed and encouraged to vie for it! ADOPTION is very undemocratic and tyrannical. It breeds desperation that may turn NBA politics into a do-or- die affair. I DO NOT SUPPORT IT. I WILL NOT ACCEPT ANYONE IMPOSING HIS WILL ON ME.

I have been fighting against it for years. I have not changed my STAND.

I have won many elections in NBA by swimming against the tide. It made me stronger and much more determined. I was nick-named the one- man-riot-squad! And got awarded the title- CPHB. I was even denied audience in an EBF meeting hosted and held in my Branch!

So You see, my dear Paul Usoro, SAN, to be fair to EBF, this adoption conundrum did not start with you.

The DESPERATION in NBA politics is a shameful and painful thing!

We had thought that with the introduction of universal suffrage and electronic voting, desperation and intimidation mìght gradually fade away. I pray and believe that we do not further degenerate.

No one can ADOPT my vote! I am too enlightened for that. I strongly beleive every Legal Practitioner/ NBA Voter should be allowed to vote according to his personal convictions.

That is the only way we can elect credible Bar Leaders and retire the NBA CABALS, or encourage them to go and join their likes in the Nigerian politics of KILL-AND-BURY YOUR OPPONENTS TO WIN ELECTIONS!


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