The Campaign of Distraction and Distortion Will not Work by Adetola Bucknor

This is the deal. The opposition have coalesced and all working towards one goal.
The opposition have done the maths and everything points to the fact that we will win if the election ahead as scheduled by the ECNBA. So what do they do? Send out attack dogs. Throw everything and anything – muddle the waters as much as possible. Discredit the NBA and its electoral process. Create doubts in the mind of the electorate.
The attempt at interpreting annual reports displays total unimaginable ignorance. Even a limited quest for knowledge would have made them consult lawyers in financing or capital markets or accountants to deconstruct the meaning of the screenshot annual report referenced but their interest is not in the truth but to cause confusion. The disingenuous argument of a 150 member EBF (according to Prof Ojukwu) falls flat.

All of these were expected. That is why the Team PU are calm and focused in our campaign.
Recall and be encouraged by the words of our leader:

“If his track record is anything to go by, I fully expect him to recycle his distorted facts and untruths, come up with further jaded arguments and continue to pursue his futile goal of running me out of the NBA Presidential race. Do I need to worry about these expected reprocessed attacks? No.
Discerning readers, lawyers and non-lawyers alike, have seen through Odinkalu’s campaign of calumny and all that remains to be said is that a million Odinkalus cannot change God’s Will.”

Adetola (Ibironke) Bucknor-TAIWO

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