I found the response very weak, inebriate and imprudent. There was nothing quick-witted, penetrating nor persuasive save characterically of him insults..
This is why I said Paul Usoro is a man of Class. He hasn’t resorted yet to base instinct of insolence. He’s refused to go down with them when people like Williams in his hoity-toity attitude try to put him down. Williams and his likes believe that putting out Paul Usoro’s light will make the light of their candidate shine brighter. And instead of maturely staying on the issues he chose the popular base way of cheap shots unbecoming of lawyers particularly a senior lawyer for that matter. People who support presidential candidates must always respond to issues with Bar decorum and appropriacy..

Mr. Williams tactfully avoided the allegation of injustice against Prof Ojukwu who is a member of the EBF assuming Usoro SAN (who is not even a member of the EBF) wasn’t even running for president..
If the EBF is truly a place of fairness as has been overly mouthed, why was Prof Earnest Ojukwu SAN from ABIA State not adopted seeing that the last four Presidents from the zone all come from Anambra state? Why adopt another candidate from Anambra State? Oh, they only think of fairness when they remember Paul Usoro.

It’s also instructive to note that the allegation that the adoption went to the highest bidder wasn’t made by me but by one of the candidates.. If Mr Williams was careful enough to read articles by all the candidates, he would have seen it. But of course, he won’t. He only looks out for things with which to pull down Paul Usoro SAN. So far he’s only holding on to straw..

In denouncing my allegation that Emeka Ngige SAN got more votes from his zone when he ran against Okey Wali SAN, he chided me for not buttressing my point with facts.. He contented authoritatively that Okey Wali SAN instead got more votes. But did he support his own claim with any evidence?

I found William’s reaction to the fact no one from AkwaIbom/Cross River has been president as very predictable and insensitive.. According to him, it’s nobody’s fault. Really? When you support clannish disenfranchisement of a group of people? According to Williams in his misguided frenzy of trying to convince us, It’s time for a state that has produced 5 presidents already but not time for a state that has not had any shot at same office? What warped logic.!

Finally, we are in the era of universal suffrage (thanks to Austine Alegeh SAN and Mazi Afam Osigwe). Therefore, 150 members of an association (according to Prof. Earnest Ojukwu SAN) not known to the NBA Constitution cannot choose a president for us..
Let all the 3 candidates talk to us. We want to feel them and let them feel us too..
Finally yet again, I leave members of our Noble Bar to judge for themselves.

Paul Usoro, an accomplished and consummate lawyer cannot be ran down nor ran out of these election by tribal warlords.. His only confidence and help is in the NBA electorates and the Almighty God..

Kehinde Yusuf.

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