A Few Words From Moh’d Tsav

In the run up to the NBA 2018 Elections, I was invited to various Events as Chairman of NBA Bwari Branch, by both PUSAN and AOOSAN. In good faith I honoured all invitations not because I was an Agent Provocateur but because I needed to know and understand both Lawyers who were intending to lead the NBA as President. I did not join any trail for material gain like some of us did.

However, on getting to know and understand the men and their respective motivating Ideologies, and my experiences with both Presidential Aspirants which I shall reserve and not disclose so that I do not ruffle any feathers as the case may be. I respect both men, but I do not follow blindly. We as Chairmen of Branches have a duty and owe it to our Branch members not to follow Presidential Aspirants blindly. However, my intelligence as a Lawyer and Divine wisdom only affirms and reiterates that


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