2018 NBA Election: 12 Reasons Lagos State Lawyers Should Vote for Paul Usoro, SAN.

Lagos State has been branded as the centre of excellence. This excellence is evident in all sectors including legal practice. As lawyers based in Lagos State prepare to cast their votes for an NBA Presidential candidate, they should vote for Paul Usoro SAN, for the following reasons:

By Benjamin Chukwuma, Esq.

1. Branch loyalty and Solidarity: Paul Usoro is a committed and active member of Lagos Branch.

2. Paul Usoro has given time, intellect and money to Lagos Branch. Voting for Paul Usoro will serve as incentive to others that supporting your Branch when you have nothing to gain matters. Voting against Paul Usoro will discourage Branch support from Bar leaders from Lagos branch.

3. Paul Usoro has a very successful legal practice presence in Lagos. He also lives in Lagos. So he understands and lives by Lagos and international best practice legal practice standards. He also understands the high expectations of Lagos lawyers.

4. Because Paul Usoro lives and works from Lagos, he can easily be reached at home, office or at branch meetings in Lagos. Lagos lawyers don’t have to travel to Abuja, Aba or Asaba/Onitsha to meet other Presidential Candidates.

5. NBA owns buildings on Victoria Island, Lagos. Paul Usoro can give more attention and inspect the property better from Lagos.

6. Lagos is the Commercial and Coorporate city of Nigeria. Paul Usoro will connect the NBA with the private sector and corporate Nigeria in Lagos. This will result in big ticket sponsorship and corporate support for NBA. IBA is rich due to sponsorship and corporate Support.

7. Paul Usoro will open an NBA Zonal Liaison office in Lagos. The goal is to bring national leadership of NBA closer to Lagos State, which is a commercial city with the highest number of lawyers in Nigeria. IBA has Liaison offices in Seoul, Washington DC, Sau. Paulo. Lagos lawyers no longer have to get to Abuja to deal with National Secretariat.

8. Paul Usoro will bring his Lagos Experience to bear on legal practice of other States.

9. Leverage. Lagos has the majority of lawyers in Nigeria. Almost 60%. But Lagos lawyers and branches have not leveraged on their number to secure benefits and value from NBA. Paul Usoro will utilize Lagos leverage at the national level.

10. Lagos is the nerve centre of legal practice in Nigeria. Legal profession in Nigeria started from Lagos. So voting for Paul Usoro is bringing the legal profession home to where it all began. The legal profession in Nigeria is coming home.

11. Paul Usoro will create legal work for Lawyers in Nigeria especially Lagos lawyers. All legal work done outside Nigeria shall be brought back to Lagos Nigeria. In 2016, out of 2 Billion UK pounds that UK lawyers attracted to London, 500 Million pounds came from Nigeria especially Lagos.

In view of the foregoing reasons, kindly vote for Paul Usoro SAN. He will put you first in Lagos.

Thank you.

Benjamin Chukwuma, Esq.

One thought on “2018 NBA Election: 12 Reasons Lagos State Lawyers Should Vote for Paul Usoro, SAN.

  1. Abimiku Adda

    Alot have been said about PU,and I’m quite convince that he is more than equal to the task. For that I’m voting him no shaking .Young Lawyers chairman /PRO Lafia Branch,


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