Dear Learned Silk @ JS Okutepa SAN, I have read with rapt attention your response to Keinde Yusuf and have the following observations. The first almost 100 words were devoted to talking about yourself Sir and what you believe in and stand for and how Keinde Yusuf does not know you (Yes Sir I counted). The rest of the words were used to “analyze” Mr Paul Usoro SAN.

Almost nothing at all was said about the candidate you are openly supporting (There are pictures of you with him all over social media at campaign events). Is it any wonder dear Sir that Mr Keinde Yusuf accusses you of some level of partisanship? How can you truly be objective when you have thrown your weight massively behind a particular candidate? That flies in the face of logic Sir. Why does every analysis have to be focused on imputing negativity on Mr Usoro and his campaign. Why Sir? Take for example all the time you took to analyze the welfare package Mr Usoro has for his lawyers. Was that really necessary? Would it not have been better sir for you to extol the candidate you support and what his defining policies are? By the way there is absolutely nothing wrong in openly declaring for a particular candidate.

If one considers that your candidate also has pictures of him and his 15 or so lawyers all over the social media and talk of how well he treats them, where does that leave your statement that enough has been said of Mr Paul Usoro and his welfare package for juniors. Yet you say Sir that you have respect for him? Was Mr Usoro involved in the selection of Chams as ICT partner? Is he a member of the ECNBA? Can he with the wave of his hand determine who sits on the board of a public company with him? The ECNBA has come out to explain its processes and if you have a problem with same Sir, that should be your focus and surely not Mr Usoro? Why must we persist in these references to and focus on “the other candidate” and in the process forget to show case what our own candidates can do. In circumstances where you have openly declared for someone, it already puts a question mark on your ability to be objective Sir.

When you persist in constant references to the other candidate in your analysis, then objectivity is definitely out of the window. That in summary is the appearance your analysis gives Sir. Mr Usoro is persistent in reeling out his policies and ideas and has refused to be distracted by his name being bandied at every turn. That in my respectful view is how NBA politics should be conducted. What many do not know is that the constant attempt to deride Mr Usoro (this is not a reference to you Sir) has focused everybody’s attention on him. It has also helped the undecided to make up their minds and go for him. One cannot continously harangue a man and not make other people wonder what it is about that man that unsettles so many. And when the man in question has refused to join the fray in deriding other candidates, does that not tell a story of its own?

The issues of law you raised sir in your original write up on the appearance of objectivity were addressed at the Friday meeting of all stake holders at which all candidates including the one you support, were present. The ECNBA has come out with fresh parameters and we have another ICT partner on board now. Can we therefore carry on with the rest of this journey to the election without appearing to be at war with “the other candidate”? ……… My name is Obafolahan Ojibara and I stand firmly resolutely and proudly with Mr Paul Usoro SAN

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