Lies! Lies!! Lies!! It’s ALL lies… Paul Usoro, SAN responds

There has been a lot of rumours hitting the airwaves recently targetted at maligning the person of Mr Paul Usoro, SAN one of the foremost contenders for the highly covetted seat of Leadership of the NBA.

Thus, in response to these statements being circulated on social streams, the learned silk availed us of his position, wherein he gave a statement which goes thus:

“It’s now clear that EFCC is working with the adoption team to influence the NBA Elections, this now not any different from what Russia did in the 2017 USA Elections.

“N300m was not paid to me by Akwa Ibom State Government and I challenge EFCC & it’s mouthpieces, Sahara Reporters plus of course the adoption vocalists to prove the contrary & indeed publish any such contrary fact. I was the coordinating Counsel for Gov Udom Emmanuel’s Election Petition matter and in that capacity was given N300m to pay to the Counsel in the team, after the SC victory which I dutifully did.

“EFCC is aware of this, has seen my Statement of Account in that regard and has seen that there’s nothing connecting that money to AKSG. EFCC is aware that I never admitted to them or any other that the N300m came from AKSG; in fact, that issue never arose & doesn’t even arise at all. If EFCC or it’s mouthpieces, Sahara Reporters and/or the adoption vocalists have any contrary evidence, let them publish it or bury their collective heads in shame.

“Since the Saraki CCT case, it’s been clear that I’ve become an EFCC target and my situation is made worse by the fact that the EFCC Chairman hasn’t been confirmed by the Senate. Now, they see me becoming the next NBA President, by God’s Grace and your collective votes and they’ve joined forces with the adoption team to attack me in the run-up to the Elections.

“Indeed, as I write, the EFCC has for more than a week now been trawling AKSG offices for evidence they could find against me egged on by the adoption vocalist. But God is on His Throne & He protects me and they will fail, by His Grace.

“I implore my supporters to remain steadfast, be resolute and let’s claim the victory which we are assured by Heavens in the NBA Elections.”

One thought on “Lies! Lies!! Lies!! It’s ALL lies… Paul Usoro, SAN responds

  1. Talie Foha for twitter/ Facebook accounts(Nat, Chika)

    Sure my Learned Silk. No weapon fashioned against your victory in this year’s NBA election shall prosper. They run against u bcuz they are afraid of u. Why should EFCC come into NBA’s election ? And the answer is that you’re a colossus that towers above them and raises great fear in them! Keep riding high my Genius!


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