Responding to the Campaign of Mudslinging and Abuse waged on Paul USORO, SAN a Man of Pedigree By Fola Ojibara

Realizing your paymaster is unable to compete with Paul on a level playing field, you have embarked on a campaign of calumny and deception to the Nigerian public since Paul indicated interest last year to contest for the NBA presidency. This is all know a bid to dim our star, but you have consistently failed. Now you exhibit your envy of a prosperous law practice by spreading yet more falsehood.

Paul did not and never bribed a judge. He would have been facing charges in court if he did or are you now discrediting the law enforcement agencies?

The provincial practice of your principal has never smelled megabillion Naira briefs so your envy is understandable. Mr. Paul Usoro, SAN was the coordinating counsel for a large team of lawyers including several other Senior Advocates of Nigeria in the election petition case which was commenced from the tribunal level, through the Court of Appeal and right up to the Supreme Court.

You have the facts and know that the fees paid by their client, which you refer to, was faithfully transferred to all the participating counsels.

Why can you not publish the truth for once and shame the devil? You failed before and will continue to fail.

Paul’s honesty and integrity built over time has survived and will continue to survive your onslaughts.

The NBA presidency is not a do or die affair.

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