I have carefully followed the CHAMS saga with keen interest simply because ICT is the future of the Bar. Almost all the candidates have a thing or the other to say with regards to ICT and the need to improve the Capacity of Lawyers in the use of ICT.

Interestingly, quite recently, the Hon. Chief Justice of Nigeria announced that filings would be made electronically and other documents and service. This further strengthened my curiosity, as the desire to know how lawyers would deal with the inevitable role of ICT in legal practice.

I have read a lot on the present issue and am greatly appalled by the outright lack of knowledge, or perhaps, a deliberate suppression of facts, all in a bid to destroy due to the absence of political relevance.
A public-quoted company applied to provide ICT services for the Bar; members twisted same and called it a bid, even when the letter speaks for itself. I wonder why we act in such a manner in spite of the professional trainings we have.

I read that the same 3-steps recommendation now being used were already proposed by CHAMS.
At the Stakeholders meeting, CHAMS suggested a 3-step recommendation. Initially, CHAMS claimed that verification was not part of their duty as they prefer to work with verified data provided by their clients. However, the ECNBA has now agreed with them. The truth has now been revealed that it was just a false alarm.
Just wondering, why all this negativism, Why are there frantic calls to remove CHAMS . Well we all know the answers.

Duduyemi Akinloye

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