MY VOTE IS FOR PAUL USORO, SAN – Omobayode Okelola

I agree with you completely. As a fair-minded individual, I have gone ahead to conduct my own investigation using the resources at my disposal and trust me, the adoption proponents were clearly motivated by malice and the fear of losing the election which is certain to be their lot anyways. My conclusion here is based on verifiable facts which include that Paul Usoro does not sit on the board of Chams, Access Bank is not the owner of and neither does not have any pecuniary interest in Chams. Also, Chams has a record of working with notable public and private institutions in Nigeria including IICAN, Afe Babalola University, The Joint Admissions and Matriculations Board, Nigerian Society of Engineers and FCMB just to mention a few. It should be noted that the adoption proponents had said Chams messed the ICAN election process up even though they were clever by half not to have stated when such happened. That lie is however busted by the very fact that Chams has been a partner with ICAN in the last 4 years! A company that messed up an election process will surely not be accorded any such recognition by one of Nigeria’s best rated professional body.

The truth the adoption proponents do not want you to know is that they are hiding under their team of supposed intellectual vocalists to cast aspersion on a credible process. In view of their wolf cry, the NBA had summoned a meeting of all stakeholders in the NBA to address all issues. Notably, Dr Odinkalu, one of the vocalists who had fired the first shot was absent despite the fact that he had been invited by President A.B Mahmud. Dr Odinkalu’s failure to turn up is even more significant in view of the fact that Chams had attended the meeting which means he could have challenged Chams to their own face. What kind of man runs from defending allegations made by him? While I will leave you to answer the question, I am also minded to ask further, why should I continue to regard such a man? At the meeting, several proposals were made but the most interesting part is that Chams took the lead in providing the clarity to issues. Chams recommended that there should be pre and post-election audits to be managed by another firm which shows that the company has more honour than the adoption proponents.

In all, why have the adoption vocalists chosen to mislead us by manipulating us to believe their lies? Why have they refused to come back into public space to apologize for the misleading information? Why should we even listen to whatever they have to say from now?

Omobayode Okelola is my name and I am giving my vote to Paul Usoro, SAN as the next president of the Nigerian Bar Association and I enjoin you to do same.

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