Following the announcement of the final adjustment to the electoral timetable, the ECNBA released modalities surrounding the revised verification process being sought to be embarked upon shortly through a statement signed by its secretary Mr Bolaji Agoro.

In the statement it was said that the verification service providers were about to send out messages with links to voters through which they were to utilize to go to conduct their respective verification processes. However, for the process to be successful, the voters need to deactivate the “Do Not Disturb” protocol instituted by the NCC to guard against unsolicited SMS from vendors who had hitherto been invading the privacy of Nigerians.

This will be a serious impediment to getting voters to sign up, as most voters do not have the time and patience to engage in this act, however, it is hoped that the voting electorate of the NBA, will do the needful. Please find an extract of the letter from the secretary of the ECNBA below:

Dear Colleague,

ECNBA intends to start verification exercise tomorrow. Crenet, the service provider, will be sending Access numbers via text messages. We are aware that GSM networks providers may prevent or delay the receipt of communications from Crenet if they have activated the Do NOT Disturb (DND) application on their phones.
To facilitate easy contact and enable Crenet to communicate with voters on the register for the purpose of verification, we strong advise members to check their phone to deactivate DND. Below is a step by step way to check the status of your.
1. To check your DND Status send a text message with the word STATUS to 2442
2. To de-activate DND on your mobile phone(s) send a text message with the word STOP to 2442
3. Please note that it takes 24 hours for this application to be approved by the GSM operators. The earlier the deactivation is done by members the better for the verification.
4. To re-enable DND on your mobile phone(s) send a text message with the word START to 2442. In other words, a voter can reactivate DND after the election if so desire.
Thank you
Bolaji Agoro Esq

Secretary, ECNBA.

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