Mr. A. Adeniran of the Nigerian Bar Association who is a very Senior member of the firm and a close associate of the law firm of Olujinmi & Akeredolu said of Paul Usoro SAN as follows:

“I love Paul Usoro SAN as a person. He is a Bar Man, and a practising lawyer, so he will know what lawyers are passing through.
He is also the foremost IT legal practitioner, so I believe he is needed for a time like this when everything is going the way of IT.

A friend of mine who practises in California told me the lawyers in the state where he practises are linked to a website from where they can access law reports, books journals and magazines published anywhere in the world. I think Paul Usoro with his experience and contact in the IT world should be able to do this for lawyers in Nigeria. So if you are close to him, I suggest that you advise him to make this the thrust of his campaign.

Kindly endeavours to contact him. I am sure it will assist him greatly among lawyers, especially the youth who are more into IT and don’t like to be carrying books and law reports about.”

Vote Paul Usoro, SAN for an IT compliant Bar.

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