My dear brothers, Sisters & Colleagues, Let me start by thanking you for keeping faith with our NBA reform mission & vision particularly in these very trying verification times. I feel your verification pains & despair having experienced the agonies of the exercise personally & first hand. But am also strengthened by your words & messages of encouragement, hope, resoluteness, steadfastness, faith & belief not just in our mission but more importantly in our ultimate success & triumph.

I’m touched by the hands of friendship, fellowship & assistance that u stretch to our colleagues who are lost in the maze of verification. Am particularly moved & heartened by the calls I’ve received from our members offering me assistance through the verification exercise; most of the callers didn’t even know that they were talking with me, the flag bearer & symbol of our collective struggles.

From the depths of my heart, I thank you all & plead with you not to despair & or slacken in these trying moments; eternal vigilance & resilience must be & remain our watchwords. Ultimate victory, by God’s Grace, is assured if we persist & do not give up. May God bless & protect us all even as I wish us all a blessed & fulfilling week ahead.

Paul Usoro – Putting U First

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