2018 NBA Elections: Focus on Issues and asking the Right Questions by Benjamin Chukwuma

From what has happened so far in the build-up to the NBA election, it is not surprising to see that we are so backward and underdeveloped. It is not surprising why lawyers are suffering in Nigeria. Reason: many lawyers are not asking the right questions.

Conversations revolve around Adoption, “it is our turn,” Christian vs Muslim, and Ethnicity. Please ponder over the following questions:
In 2016, £2billion went into the economy of the UK from legal services alone. £500million from the entire sum came from Nigeria to UK lawyers. Why is it that our lawyers lack such skills?

Who is the President that can stop these foreign lawyers from encroaching on to the turf of the Nigerian legal professionals?
Which of them understands this trans-border practice?

These are the issues, not sentiments and emotion. In all honesty, only Paul Usoro has the capacity, competence, and exposure to ensure this happens.

I stand with Paul Usoro.(#istandwithpaulusoro)

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