2018 NBA Elections: You Cannot Give What You Do Not Have

During elections, candidates find it easy to make all sorts of promises. However, just a handful of them actually fulfil their promises. A larger majority of them do not.

This is why the former Governor of New York, Mario Cuomo said: “we campaign in Poetry and govern in Prose.”
What should guide lawyers in this presidential election is which of the candidates has the capacity to build up better lawyers and a strengthened institution.

Determining who this will be does not lie in what candidates are promising as much as it does in their legal practice and professional life thus far. Of all the candidates, Paul Usoro has the best Law Firm. He has empowered hundreds of lawyers who have passed through Paul Usoro & Company, including Governors and Senators.

So, Paul Usoro has antecedents and a legacy of building lawyers. Others do not. Thus, their promises will not be kept. Not because they do not want to, but because you simply cannot give what you do not have.

That is why I stand with Paul Usoro.

Vote for Paul Usoro.

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