Indeed we are in very interesting times. Very interesting that the same people who should have spent a good chunk of their time to campaign on issues affecting the Bar and how they can bring the desired change but instead dwelt on maligning the person and character of Paul Usoro SAN, talking about his lack of integrity, have now with their own hands failed their own integrity test..

Instead of getting down to work (or perhaps they thought winning the NBA presidential election was going to be a tea party) they continued to shop for endorsements and having failed to convince lawyers of their motive, they have moved to the presidency perhaps as a last resort. Their thinking perhaps is, if other endorsements didn’t work the weight of the presidency must be brought to bear upon us..

In furtherance to this, they came out with a counterfeit, forged, fraudulent, spurious, fictitious, misleading and deceptive endorsement from the office of the Vice President their candidate. So much for people who have been mouthing integrity everywhere which they believe in their little estimation, they have in superfluous quantity while putting down and sponsoring a heavy but worthless campaign aimed at muckraking PUSAN.

It is however, very heartening and comforting to know that the office of the Vice President has come out not only to disclaim and distance it’s self from such shenanigans but even chided them for not even having enough time for simple details as simple as spelling the name of the VP correctly…

Now, we know who lacks integrity. Now we know who lacks class and tact. Now, we know who’s desperate..

I believe more in Paul Usoro SAN. He says don’t fight anyone, Don’t stop anyone. Let God fight for me..

Be still, and know that I am God… (KJV)

“Step out of the traffic! Take a long, loving look at me, your High God, above POLITICS, above EVERYTHING.”
(Message Bible)
– Psalms 46:10

Can you believe even this is in the Bible? This is what Paul Usoro SAN has been doing.. Hearkening to God’s call to look up to him only and then to the distinguished members of the Bar.
To all the Senior Advocates, Elders and distinguished colleagues, we thank you for your support..
God bless the NBA..

Kehinde Yusuf Esq.

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