As the 2018 NBA election approaches, many eligible voters are pitching tents with various candidates for various offices, the most pronounced being the office of the president. This last post, is keenly being contested for by Paul Usoro, SAN, Professor Ernest Ojukwu, SAN, and Arthur Obi Okafor, SAN.

The contest appears more interesting and quite mysterious to doubters. The individual some had pegged as dead last has surged ahead to become the first. Mr. Paul Usoro came into the race later than any other candidate and yet, today he enjoys the biggest supporter base. Bear in mind that other candidates began campaigning as early and long ago as the NBA general conferences of 2016 and 2017. A plethora of qualities simply has him standing out amongst other contenders.

Garnering such a multitude of support has been possible because Paul Usoro, SAN, has uncommon humility, an obvious passion for the Bar, mentorship of lawyers, rare advocacy experience and prodigious welfare alongside his long list of exploits in the legal field.
More so, many eligible voters have aligned themselves with him because he lives what he preaches. They have listened to and watched the focused leader go about consulting his colleagues in various branches while shirking a campaign of false promises, hatred and calumny. He has had mud slung at him from several camps but the visionary leader carries on not forgetting to smile and stay the course. As they say, who tosses stones at a barren mango tree?

Furthermore, Paul Usoro’s commitment to affirmative action for women in the legal profession is well documented. At his firm and even in his other dealings, a clear passion to see that women are not neglected has been the standard. This love and support has been reciprocated so much that he is currently the only presidential candidate to have been nominated by a woman. This sentiment is echoed both amongst young lawyers and those who have spent decades at the Bar.
It is clear that despite unbecoming attempts at denigrating Paul Usoro’s candidacy, he continues to gather a following of lawyers who are honest enough to see that he possesses the qualities they crave to have in the Leader of the Bar. It is quite simple really, his credibility outweighs all the lies aimed at besmirching his name.
I join the community of the eligible voters to support the visionary candidacy of Mr Paul Usoro, SAN, where every lawyer will be put first. I’m committed to seeing the Bar progress well ahead.


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