Questions That Demands Your Honest Response – Victor Abasiakan-Ekim

My attention has just been drawn to your reply to my position regarding the just concluded NBA National Elections. Your response has once again failed to address the cardinal issues.

There is no need to muddle up the issues. In case you missed the point, I will like to reiterate that at all times material to the verification, the candidates and indeed all lawyers were able to access the verification portal but could only see the names of lawyers, their Enrolment Numbers and Branches but definitely not the telephone numbers and e-mail addresses.

The technical crew in the PU Campaign Team who attended meetings of ECNBA with me and also acted as agents for Mr. Usoro during the elections informed me that these additional pieces of information you peddled could only be accessed from the backend of the servers – whether of Crenet or Chams. The backends of these servers were accessible only to the Crenet and Chams administrators and no other person; in particular, they were not accessible to the candidates nor their agents!

Unarguably, no one could access other people’s details such as the phones numbers and email addresses. So the doubt remains on what you and your team did to access such other vital information, if indeed they were true!

At this point it is extremely crucial for you to address the issue to the source, and establish the credibility of the documents you peddled as “verifiable facts” to premise your falsehood. I Victor Abasiakan – Ekim cannot begin to address the content of a document whose credibility is in doubt and which only emanated from you!

While you are at it, do not forget to inform Nigerian Lawyers how your Annexure G came about.

These are the burning questions that demands your honest response.

Victor Abasiakan-Ekim

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