Noah Ajare Replies Olowokure On Abuja Voters List, Demands Retraction Of Offensive Article And Apology

My attention has been drawn to the attempts being made by the leader of the AOOSAN campaign team Mr Olowokure (who until now, I held in very high esteem and I still do) to drag my name and good reputation through the mud over the last NBA Election, a situation which I consider as strange, sad and uncalled for.

Since I would not keep mute and watch unfair minds spread the web of falsehood around my good image, I consider a reply very necessary, to correct whatever wrong impressions this falsehood has generated and to put the facts straight for the allegation is aimed at causing disaffection and needless misunderstanding among the noble men and women of the Nigerian Bar Association.

There was a contention that the list used for the NBA election had duplication of phone numbers and the subsequent association of my person with the irregularities that arose therefrom.
This development and the attendant controversies are unfortunate and unhealthy for a distinguished body as the NBA.

For the records, the Abuja list was compiled by a Committee, my role as the Secretary then was to forward same to the ECNBA through the then branch Chairperson, Princess F. Frank-Chukwuani. The Abuja list was compiled with the assistance of the then Treasurer (the current Branch Secretary) and the then Welfare Secretary. It was the case that the personal information submitted by members were incomplete and most importantly the list was hurriedly compiled in order to meet the deadline. This singular reason accounted for duplication of both names and numbers. Let it be said that, on my part as the then scribe, I did raise the flag by informing the National Secretariat of this anomaly. I was assured that no duplication will sail through.

True to the assurance, all duplicated numbers were identified and removed as evidenced in Annexure A attached to Mr Olowokure’s write up. There is no telling that the said voters list was also publicized, the essence of publication being to ensure that members check their details to be certain of correctness and accuracy. This was done effectively and so cast a question on Mr Olowokure’s allegation of deliberate malpractice.

Again, I did not in any way play a part in the compilation of names since this was carried out by the ICT Companies engaged by the NBA to compile Voters’ List. In any event, part of the reasons for displaying the list was to accommodate and attend to possible complaints.
However I’m not aware of any complaint while the process was on, with regards to my complicity in the election.

I hereby state, categorically that, I Noah Ajare, was not and could not have compromised the Abuja list as Mr Olowokure posited.

It is on record that I left office on the 11th of June 2018, and subsequently additional list was submitted to the NBA National by the new branch Secretary. I wonder why my name was singled out despite the fact that the list was submitted by the Abuja Chairperson.

I am against that Mr Olowokure would unleash this unwarranted angst and attempt at besmirching my name just because I chose to support the candidacy of Paul Usoro, SAN. This to my mind was the basis of this unwarranted attack and falsehood to tarnish my image and reputation.

From the write up of Mr Olowokure, his submission clearly shows that we had a case of duplication in a total of 1,706 cases across the country. These are delineated thus:

08100187904-appeared 14 times,
08064028401-appeared 18 times,
07035830662 -9 times,
07032719480- 9 times,
08074107787-14 times
08033975746-15 times
08036752722-17 times
08100187904-14 times
07059344705-16 times
08106421702 -32 times,
07086450720-12 times
08064028401-18 times
08036752722-17 times

From the above it can be seen that other branches had phone number duplications even more than Abuja branch! A branch even duplicated number 32 times. Why am I particularly singled out?

I do not therefore see why all these should be attributed to me. Again, it was not stated if these duplications were figured out when the verified list was published. The List was widely circulated!

I hereby demand an immediate retraction of the said offensive publication and a public apology to me over his malicious lies. Losing an election ought not to cause such crude disaffection or degenerate to such a crass level of calculating a deliberate damage of another person good image, irrespective.

It may also interest all that I voted like every other person after several attempts to accredit during the exercise. I cast only one vote. So I find it rather ludicrous that such allegation of impropriety could be made against my person, innocently to this end, I demand immediate retraction of the write up.

In the event Mr. Olowokure fails, neglects or refuses to retract his fabricated lies against me, I shall take steps to seek legal redress to protect my hard-earned name and career.

At the expense of repetition I wish to state categorically that the NBA Abuja list was compiled by a committee as mentioned above and duly signed and submitted by the the Chairperson Princess F. Frank-Chukwuani and there was no way I could have concocted a list as insinuated in Mr. Olowokure’s maliciousness.

Long Live NBA
Long Live Nigeria.

Noah Ajare Esq

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